Strawberry Orange Julius

This strawberry-orange Julius is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer day.

It’s sweet, super creamy, and couldn’t be easier to whip up at home.


– Milk – Vanilla Extract – Sugar – Strawberries – Orange Juice Concentrate

In a blender, add the milk, water, vanilla extract, sugar, orange juice concentrate and frozen strawberries. Blend until smooth.


Add the ice and blend again until smooth.


Pour into individual glasses and serve with a straw. Enjoy!


Put it into popsicle molds or even ice cube trays with popsicle sticks for a tasty homemade popsicle.

What Can I Do With Leftovers? 

You definitely can, although the texture will be a little thinner and it won’t have quite as strong of an orange flavor.

Can I Make An Orange Julius With Fresh Orange Juice?

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