Red White And Blue French Toast Bake

This Red White and Blue French Toast Bake is the perfect way to start your Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July or any other patriotic holiday celebration.

It’s an easy overnight breakfast casserole made with French bread soaked in a yummy egg custard and topped with blueberries, strawberries, cream cheese and a cinnamon brown sugar streusel just before baking.


– French Bread – Eggs – Milk – Maple Syrup – Vanilla Extract

Spray a 9" by 13" baking dish with non-stick cooking spray, then place your cut or torn pieces of French bread evenly in the bottom of your baking dish.


In a large mixing bowl, add the eggs and whisk to break them up. Then, add the milk, maple syrup and vanilla and whisk again until all the ingredients are well-combined.


Pour your egg mixture evenly over the bread, covering as much of it as possible. Use a fork to gently stir your bread and egg mixture together.


Sprinkle the strawberries and blueberries evenly on top and gently mix in, then either cut or scoop ½" pieces of cream cheese and place evenly over the top.


Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator overnight, or for at least 4 hours, to allow time for the bread to soak up all of the liquid.


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