Pork Tenderloin And Potatoes

This oven baked Pork Tenderloin and Potatoes is tender and juicy, packed full of flavor and oh-so-easy.

Simply slather in a delicious herb butter alongside potatoes, carrots and onions and let the oven do the work.


– Pork Tenderloin – Sea Salt – Pepper – Thyme – Rosemary

Unwrap the pork tenderloin and place it in the baking dish. Use a paper towel to pat dry the pork tenderloin, then season with salt and pepper.


In a small bowl, combine the room temperature butter, garlic, thyme, rosemary, sage, and onion powder and use a fork to mash and combine all of the ingredients.


Using a spatula, spread this butter mixture evenly over the top of the pork tenderloin.


In a separate bowl, add the prepared onions, carrots, potatoes, avocado oil, and 1 teaspoon of reserved minced garlic.


Stir until well coated, then arrange the veggies around the edge of the pork in the baking dish.


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