Oven Roasted Chicken And Potatoes

This oven-roasted chicken and potatoes recipe is a classic roasted chicken recipe. It's made with potatoes, onions, carrots, and seasoned to perfection.

It's a delicious baked chicken and potatoes recipe the entire family will love.


– Whole Chicken – Lemon – Butter – Thyme – Rosemary

Remove the giblets from the chicken if there are any. Pat the chicken dry with a paper towel. Stick a half lemon in the cavity of the chicken.


Tie the legs together with a piece of string and tuck the wings underneath the chicken. Lightly salt and pepper the entire chicken.


In a small mixing bowl, add the room temperature butter, the seasonings and minced garlic.


Use a fork and mash all the ingredients together until smooth. Use a fork, spoon or your hand to smear the butter mixture all over the chicken.


Put the chicken into a glass baking dish, dutch oven, or cast-iron skillet.


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