Mini Charcuterie Cups

These Mini Charcuterie Cups are an easy-to-prepare, super versatile party appetizer that’s perfect for game days, or any other get-together.

Filled with all of the meats, cheeses, fruits, and snacks you might find on a traditional charcuterie board, each individual appetizer is ready to serve and can be eaten while mingling.


– Cheese – Salami – Pepperoni – Strawberries – Blackberries

Prep any ingredients, including cutting cheese cubes or slicing meats. Gather 12 individual cups, 24 large toothpicks, and the rest of your ingredients.


Arrange 1 whole strawberry, 1 whole blackberry, and 2-3 blueberries onto 12 toothpicks.


On the other 12 toothpicks, arrange 1 cube of cheddar cheese, 1 cube of Pepperjack cheese, 2 slices of salami, and 2 slices of pepperoni.


Place 1 fruit skewer, 1 meat and cheese skewer, 1 cracker, 2 chocolate-covered pretzels, and 1 macaron into each individual cup.


Caprese.  Create Caprese skewers by adding cherries tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella balls.

Charcuterie Cup Ideas

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