Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza

This Easy Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe makes it simple to have delicious, piping hot pizza in less time than it would take for the delivery guy.

It’s got a chewy garlic bread crust on the outside, ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese on the inside, and couldn’t be easier to put together!


– Sugar – Active Dry Yeast – Olive Oil – Salt – All-Purpose Flour

In a medium sized mixing bowl, or bowl of a stand mixer, combine the warm water, sugar, and yeast and mix well. Let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Pizza Dough


Once your yeast has proofed, add the olive oil, salt and about 1 ½ cups of flour. Using a paddle or dough hook, mix until all the ingredients are completely combined.


Add in the rest of the flour, about a ¼ cup at a time until the dough pulls away from the edges of the bowl.


Mix on low speed for another 1-2 minutes, then cover and let the dough rest in a warm place for 15 minutes, or until about doubled in size (or wrap and store in the fridge overnight).


Grease a 15" pizza pan with cooking oil. Using your fingertips to press the dough onto a greased baking sheet.

Stuffed Crust


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