Fall Harvest Salad

This fall harvest salad recipe is crunchy, sweet, salty, and hearty.

It’s loaded with apples, feta cheese, and candied pecans and tossed in a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette for the perfect Thanksgiving or holiday salad.


– Mix Salad Greens – Feta Cheese – Candied Pecans – Honey Crisp – Dijon Mustard

In a large bowl, add the Spring Mix salad greens, feta cheese, chopped candied pecans, and sliced apples. Gently toss.


In a blender, combine the honey, mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.


Turn it on to medium speed, then slowly add in the olive oil, giving it time to emulsify.


Transfer the dressing to a pourable container and drizzle over the salad. Toss, then serve.


You can make parts of this salad ahead of time. The vinaigrette can be made up to 4 days in advance and stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

Can I Make This Salad Ahead Of Time? 

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