This holiday Cookie Board is an easy way to take your Christmas cookie presentation to the next level.

Rather than putting each item onto a separate plate, a Cookie Board combines them all into an elegant dessert board display that can get as fancy as you want.

How To Arrange The Ultimate Cookie Board

Long before you plan to serve your Cookie Board, you’ll want to decide which cookies you will use. Choose cookies that are different colors, sizes, flavors, and textures.

Bake or buy.

Either bake or purchase all of your items, freezing those that can be frozen so that you don’t need to bake everything in a day or two.

Collect your treats.

Bring everything out so that you can see it. This will give you an idea of which plates and bowls to use.

Gather your plates, bowls, and utensils.

Cheese boards and charcuterie boards make excellent Dessert Boards, as do large cutting boards or other serving platters.

Start with the largest cookies first.

Place a few each of some of the larger cookies around the board first. Then add some of the smaller or more medium cookies, followed up by the most delicate cookies on top.

Add filler items.

Fill any empty spaces with candies, nuts, dried fruits or even garnishes like fresh rosemary.

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