Homemade Caramel Recipe

It's perfectly sweet, silky smooth, and delicious homemade caramel. This recipe will have your family and friends begging for more.

It's the best for making caramel candy or your favorite homemade candy. It can be ready in about 30 minutes.


– Butter – Sugar – Brown Sugar – Karo Syrup/Corn Syrup – Sweetened Condensed milk

Grease a 9 by 13" baking dish with butter. Do not use non-stick cooking spray for this or it will give your caramel a strange flavor. Set it aside until the caramel is done cooking.


In a large non-stick pan, add the butter, sugar, brown sugar, Karo syrup, sweetened condensed milk, and salt.


Cook over medium heat, stirring until all the sugar is dissolved and the butter is melted.


Stirring constantly, cook the caramel mixture until it comes up to 240 degrees on a candy thermometer.


Take the caramel off the heat immediately to stop the cooking. Add vanilla extract and stir until combined.


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