110+ Best Brunch Recipes

They're perfect for serving a small or large crowd as Easter Brunch Recipes, Christmas Brunch Recipes, Thanksgiving Brunch Recipes, Father's Day or Mother's Day Brunch.

Classic French Toast Bake


It's made with simple ingredients and is so easy to make! Serve it with berries, whipped cream or this Buttermilk Syrup Recipe.


Fruit Tray With Dip

Served with a side of fruit dip or caramel sauce, it’s a beautiful and simple option that takes very little preparation and is easy to adapt.


Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

 This recipe is perfect for any holiday brunch, bridal shower, baby shower or party appetizers.


Veggies Cups With Ranch

These Mini Veggie Cups are perfect to make ahead, only take a few minutes to put together, and are perfect for adding color and veggies to your brunch menu.


Honey Glaze Ham

Flavored with orange juice and warm baking spices, it’s super simple and takes just about 5 minutes to throw together.


Mini Egg Quiche

They can be served warm or cold. It's an easy brunch recipe your family will love! Serve it with a dollop of sour cream of some fresh salsa on top.


Orange Julius

This recipe for a simple copycat Orange Julius is super creamy, frothy, and refreshing. And just like the original, it tastes like a cold melted creamsicle - yum!

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